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Metal Works Corporation, Pipe& Tube Bending

Pipe & Tube Bending

Bending has become the preferred design
option for modern piping and tubing systems. Pipe bending significantly reduces the need for welds and fittings while increasing the flow efficiency of the process.

Metal Works Corporation has supplied business and industry with precision bends for 50 years. Through the years we have acquired or produced more than 300 cold bending dies for the different radii and diameters of materials.

We provide a wide range of global customers with the superior products and services that come from experience. 



Precision bending since 1956
Precision bending since 1956

All alloys

1/8" to 16" O.D. cold bending capabilities

Thin and heavy wall bends

Multi-plane compound bends

Plastic-lined pipe bends

Close radii bends of 1.5 x O.D.

ASME Code certified with S, U & R stamps

Pipe & Tube Bending

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