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Press ReleasesMetal Works Corporation Bends Japanese Coaster

When Metal Works Corporation began operations in 1956, several customers needed structural pipe bends for carnival rides. Orders from petrochemical plants and shipyards soon exceeded the carnival companies' demand for pipe bending, but Metal Works returned to its roots this fall.

Metal Works Corporation recently completed the bending on a large roller coaster that brought the fabrication company full circle to its origins of 40
years ago.

The coaster project called for more than 2,000 linear feet of 16-inch x 0.875 wall pipe bends in multi-plane, irregular, graduated curves. Metal Works also bent more than 4,000 linear feet of 5.5 inch O.D. mechanical tubing to form the track of the coaster.

The maximum allowable ovality (crossectional out-
of-roundness) was 1 percent for the entire job. Metal Works completed the bending project in six weeks to meet the customers' strict delivery requirements.

Today, Metal Works supplies pipe bending, coiling and other fabrication services to major industrial customers throughout the world. 


Japanese roller coaster

Metal Works was chosen to bend more than a mile of five-inch and 16-inch pipe for the latest roller coaster in Japan. The ovality or out-of-roundness of the multi-plane bends was limited to 1 percent due to structural requirements of the project.


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