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Welding & Fab Services

Metal Works Corporation is certified by the ASME for "S" and "U" stamp shop and field work. We also are authorized by the NBBI for "R" code stamp repair work on pressure vessels. Our welding department is certified to fabricate all alloys including  high temperature, corrosion resistent alloys such as titanium, hastelloy C-276, incoloy 800-H and monel.

The intricate piping systems we fabricate
require 100-percent x-ray of welds. Our quality control department maintains: (a) traceability of materials, (b) dimensional criteria to verify conformity with ASME code and welding procedures, (c) mill test reports, (d) welder qualifications, and (e) testing and inspection records.

 Welding & Fab Services

Man welding

Machine Shop Services
Metal Works Corporation offers machining services to complement our pipe bending and fabricated products. We are equipped with a variety of horizontal boring mills, vertical milling machines, radial arm drill presses and vertical turret lathes.

Pipe flanges
Piston rings
Seal glands
Pipe adaptors 

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